Meet jiliko’s best value offer for 2022

Anyone who is hesitant about which online casino site to play, I can tell you that jiliko guarantees that you will not be disappointed with us. jiliko is the top online casino site and the reason that jiliko is so popular is that there are promotions that are worth signing up for and depositing money to play.

Promotions are very important and can make or break a lot of players. Therefore, the welcome bonus is one of the bonuses that every player should receive. For those who sign up for jiliko, there is a special welcome promotion. After you learn about our welcome promotion, you will not hesitate to apply for jiliko.

Interesting jiliko welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are only available to unregistered jiliko players, those who are already members can check out other promotions on the promotions page. Now let’s see what interesting welcome promotions are available.

  • 100% Welcome Bonus Up to PHP 6,000!

The first is a universal welcome promotion that can be applied to all gambling games, this bonus can be used on all casino games, this is especially suitable for people who want to play casino but don’t know what type of casino to play, the conditions to receive the bonus are not difficult at all, as follows.

  • The player must make a deposit of at least 250 PHP.
  • The more you deposit, the more you can get up to 6,000 PHP.
  • Some of the games have 20x-25x the deposit amount of the turnover.
  • This can be used to play all games in the jiliko casino.
  • This bonus can be withdrawn if the turnover requirement is met.
  • 20% Welcome Promotion Up to 6,000 PHP!

This is another welcome promotion. Because this bonus offers up to 6,000 PHP, not only for the first promotion that has been launched, but also for playing all products on the jiliko website. What are the conditions of this bonus? Let’s find out.

  • New members must deposit at least 250 baht.
  • 15 times the turnover of all casino games
  • The player must choose which bets to use the bonus on, and there will be a game code that the player needs to enter during the registration process.
  • Welcome to the UEFA European Football Championship Get 100% Deposit Bonus Now

For the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship, fans can’t miss this time, jiliko also has a UEFA European Football Championship promotion. This will give new members an immediate 100% bonus up to 3,500 PHP when they make a deposit.

  • New members must first deposit 250 PHP or more.
  • The player’s withdrawal turnover must be 12 times their deposit.
  • Available for betting on the European Cup in every match
  • This 100% eSports welcome bonus cannot be combined with other welcome bonuses.

All in all, it was an interesting and rewarding welcome promotion for 2022. For those who are still hesitant to join jiliko, I can say that it is definitely a better choice for those who are cheering for the upcoming Euros. For those who still don’t know where to bet, you can use the new jiliko portal, which is another great option. jiliko offers better offers and higher payout rates than other sites, so don’t miss it!