Apply to become a Partner of j8play

There is more to earning money with j8play than just playing gambling games, becoming a partner of j8play will give you 40% commission from the first day you become a member. Becoming a j8play Partner is as simple as filling out a few steps to become a Partner. Below you will find details on how to apply.

The return from the commission will occur

When a player applies for j8play through your link, you will receive a commission. These players simply play casino games or bet on sports betting at j8play, so you will get 30% commission for free, and 50% if you find more people to sign up.

What is j8play membership?

You may be wondering what exactly this j8play Affiliate is. If you want to explain it in layman’s terms, it is the promotion of the j8play gaming site, which is a form of online marketing for the j8play casino and is a win-win situation for both parties. You also get a commission and the j8play online casino gets more customers.

The word Affiliate means to connect, to connect over and over again. In the digital age of online marketing, everyone wants the product to be word of mouth. And word-of-mouth sharing is the fastest way to spread the word on social media. Simply apply for a j8play affiliate and post the link to your existing social media, it’s an opportunity to earn extra income online.

Why should I become a j8play member?

Applying to j8play as an affiliate only has good results, as I mentioned above, it’s a win-win situation, j8play gets more customers and you get extra commissions. The advantages of applying as a j8play affiliate are as follows:

  • Receive up to 40% free bonus from commissions, for example if the net profit is 10,000 PHP and if the number of members betting over 5 people, you will receive commission income. That is, 10,000 x 40% = 4,000 PHP.
  • Simply apply to become a j8play member and receive a promotional link.
  • Earn extra money when members play at the j8play casino.
  • It’s easy to apply for a j8play affiliate in minutes.

If you have any questions about applying for j8play, you can contact j8play customer service directly 24 hours a day.

Steps and How to Apply for j8play Membership

If you are ready to partner with j8play, here are the steps and methods. Apply for j8play membership now.

1. Go to the j8play website and log in to the system. 2.

2. Sign up for j8play membership, starting with membership. After completing the application by filling in the details, click “I have read and accepted all the terms and conditions” and then click “Join us”.

3. Wait for a response from a staff member. If your completed application is successful, your membership will be approved within 3 business days. 4.

4. Log in to view your email. It contains details of the j8play membership, including membership ID code, banner access, text links and marketing tools. Necessary for your social media use.

5. Promote your banner or website link on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Just follow these simple steps and the application is complete. Don’t forget, the more j8play subscribers you find, the more you get. You will only make more money.